Montara650 Rocker

SpainLievore Altherr Molina

Rockers are naturally filled with positive associations of comfort, wellbeing and warmth. The Montara650 Rocker brings these dimensions of comfort to work, with vital style and versatility. Simple. Social. Refined.

As part of the Montara650 Collection, the rocker offers the same light, modern lines, simple luxury and rich opportunities for customization — upholstery, shell and frame can all be personalized to express your vision.

And, there are real benefits to the very act of rocking at work. Research shows that the unique motion of rocking helps to build social connections, in addition to promoting relaxation. Rocking, it turns out, can move people together. With the Montara650 Rocker, you can rock to relate and to feel better, beautifully.

  • Plywood oak shell with refined upholstery choices: ¾ upholstery, full upholstery or seat cushion
  • Available with or without cantilever arms
  • Frame available in paint or chrome finishes
  • Plywood shell available in 5 oak finishes
  • Solid oak runners with natural finish

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