Enhancing Company Branding Through Office Color Schemes

Company branding is an extremely important part of a business’s image. Whether customers realize it or not, they form impressions of a business based on its branding. When marketing professionals talk about branding, they’re typically referring to things like a company’s logo, product packaging, and imagery that’s ncluded on everything from business cards to advertising materials. But one aspect of branding that shouldn’t be overlooked is office design.

By designing office spaces to reflect a company’s branding, you’re giving workers a sense of belonging. In the Steelcase Global Workplace report, 98 percent of highly engaged and highly satisfied workers said they work in an environment that creates a sense of belonging to their company. Think of the way members of an athletic team all wear matching uniforms. Not only do the jerseys make it easier for players and spectators to know which team a player belongs to, they help foster a sense of togetherness. They remind players that they’re acting as a team, not as individual players. An office designed to reflect company branding can serve the same purpose.

A color scheme is one of the most powerful aspects of company branding. Even without seeing anything else, specific colors can say a lot about a business. One of the easiest ways to enhance company branding is by incorporating brand colors into an office color scheme.


See more of Coca-Cola’s Toronto headquarters on Office Snapshots.

Lately, we’ve talked a lot about the importance of personalization and the co-creation process. The flexibility offered by customization makes it possible to easily design spaces that enhance company branding. As you look through the products offered by Coalesse, remember that many of our products can be customized, including changing the color of a paintable surface.

If you see a product you like, but would prefer it in another color, send us a specials request. We will very likely be able to work with you to create completely unique pieces that reflect company branding. See our Specials Request page to learn more about our customization services.

In addition to our regular customization services, the LessThanFive Customizer is another way to incorporate branded colors in a workplace. This unique tool gives you the freedom and the power to design a LessThanFive Chair in any color you like. You could use the Customizer to create a solid-colored chair in one of a company’s branded colors, create a gradient between two different colors, or even upload a unique graphic design.

Customizing paintable surfaces is also a really great way to incorporate color in an unexpected way. For example, many people expect to see chrome legs or accents on a chair. But if you were to change that chrome finish to a different color, something that would further enhance a company’s branding, that attention to detail will impress employees and visitors alike.

Published On: September 19, 2017
Filed under: Design Inspiration

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