Big or Small, the Modern Lounge is About Interaction

As new work styles and technologies permeate the workplace, design trends are changing to keep pace. One trend we’ve observed is a fresh focus on creating engaging lounge spaces.

Today’s lounges aren’t deserted lobbies or isolated way stations for visitors. Instead, they’re thriving, active communal spaces for team members and guests alike.

Larger lounges serve as the office commons or social hub, with a variety of versatile furniture groupings in a single open space to accommodate both solo and group work. Smaller lounges, on the other hand, serve as destination spaces for spontaneous meetings or breakouts.

But big or small, modern lounge designs share a common goal: to support communication at work. Today’s office lounges are hardworking, comfortable spaces that complement workers’ collaborative, creative work styles.

How do designers pull this off? Scroll down for a few examples.

                                                                                       Coalesse Products at Grand Valley State University

Spcious and inviting: This large, modern lounge at Grand Valley State University in Allendale, Michigan, fosters spontaneous conversation and hands-on collaboration by providing clustered seating options in an airy, high-profile part of the building. The space features our Thoughtful Lounge Seating, Bob Collection and Bix Collection.

 Workers Collaborating Using the Coalesse Lagunitas Lounge System.

Cozy and focused: This casual enclave shows that you can create a mini-lounge space almost anywhere, promoting collaborative problem-solving through focused conversation. Here, the Lagunitas Lounge System provides a haven from a desk-heavy environment.

 Coalesse Lounge Seating, Sebastopol Table and Arzu Collection Rug in a Lounge Setting.

Casual comfort: Comfortable lounge spaces foster employee wellbeing along with communication and creative thought. This welcoming corner features our swiveling Massaud Lounge Seating, Lagunitas Lounge System, Sebastopol Table and Arzu Modern Collection rug. 

 Coalesse Visalia Two-Seat Lounge and CG_1 Side Table in an Office Lounge

Ready to reconfigure: High-demand modern lounge spaces let workers do their own thing—which can mean moving furniture around to suit the size or format of the group. This reconfigurable seating features the two-seat version of our Visalia Lounge & Sofa and the modern CG_1 Side Table.

Want more ideas? See our office lounge designs board on Pinterest. 

Published On: January 24, 2018
Filed under: Great Spaces

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