Create Your LessThanFive Chair Winners

Congratulations to the winners of our Create Your LessThanFive contest! Click and drag on the chair for a 360 view of the design. 

Our contest may have ended, but our LessThanFive Customizer is ready to make your design come to life! Get inspired by the designs below, try our customizer tool, apply your design to the chair, and get in touch with our Concierge team to make your vision a reality. It’s a new era of Participation.

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Simona Sacchi

Designer at Simona Sacchi in Rome, Italy

Design inspiration: Just five signs to create an icon... do you see "Her"?! Gradient pattern to emphasize and to recall the lightness. Geometric/ romantic/ vintage mood.


Christopher Delahunt

Architect at tpbennett in London, United Kingdom

Design motivation: In a world dominated by social media and taken-for-granted instant internet access, there is an emerging appreciation for internet nostalgia. The act of connecting to the internet in the 1990s through dial-up internet wizards became synonymous with the world-wide web. It was a ritual of waiting at a time when the pace of the internet was much slower and more comprehensible. This chair remembers the era of the internet connection wizard, presenting the user with a graphical metaphor of the connections made as they join the internet superhighway.

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