New and Refreshed Knit Colors Now Available for SW_1 Seating

Coalesse is introducing a new knit program for our SW_1 Seating Collection featuring 17 expanded colorways that were directly derived from our Coalesse color palette

SW_1 Seating lends itself especially well to refreshed new colors. Our guiding color palette inspired these knit fabrics in both cool and warm neutrals, foundational earth and blue tones, and richer accents from color families including blush pinks and warm goldenrod yellows. John Hamilton points to the yellows as being particularly interesting and on the leading edge right now. 

Yellow is a color that hasn’t appeared in workplace environments as often, yet this palette has found new versions of deeper, burnt, golden mustard colors that are surprising, current and approachable. The family of yellows comes from desert inspirations and connects with the warm woods that the Global Design Group is using quite often in both spaces and as solid surfaces for furniture. As an aesthetic choice for juxtaposition, yellows are also a beautiful contrast to the other colors in the palette. 

“The ways in which we see the products that we’re creating and the spaces that we’re building with them are so influenced by material and choice of color. Now with the new colors, you’ll see the products in new ways. It’s the same product, yet it looks more contemporary, up-to-date, inviting. Just like we change our clothes or any of those things that we personalize, this new, edited color launch is a means of personalizing those objects in those spaces.” – John Hamilton

When we offer favorite products like SW_1 in new colors, we can see and use the furniture in fresh ways. And when designers know that this set of colors works together to support other colors and natural materials in a space, it becomes easier to begin to personalize within a specific and refined design language. 

“You know how hard-working and effective our products are. They look like residential furniture, but they have power built into them.They adapt to different applications. When you use a new palette on a piece like SW_1, they’re going to feel even more residential, and add to this sensibility of a place where you would want to work.” – John Hamilton  

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