Color in the Modern Office

Coalesse recently released a new and refreshed knit palette for our popular SW_1 Seating. In light of the release, we asked Coalesse Global Director of Design John Hamilton to speak to the role of color in furniture and space design.


Coalesse is introducing a new knit program for our SW_1 Seating Collection featuring 17 expanded colorways that were directly derived from our Coalesse color palette. ​


A California-Inspired Color Palette

Coalesse presents its color palette, an aesthetic framework that is based in a natural, calm, inviting state of color that we apply to the spaces we make and certain products we develop.


Why Craft Makes Us All Better

It turns out that craft is frequently the partner of choice and personalization that we most need. Craft makes creativity something real and viable in many of the capabilities that we are developing for our customers. These are, in a sense, the tools that we’ve designed; the craft is in how you use them.​


What makes craft?

Craft is the natural language of designers and design, as we’re in the business of translating ideas from the creative mind to the hand, and through the tools that we use to make our furniture. That’s why craft is so essential to us, and why it forms an essential part of our point of view.


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